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Here’s a quick guide to various types of background checks and monitoring solutions that help employers and individuals maintain a safe and secure environment.

Should Employers Screen Candidate’s Social Media Accounts?

It’s a big reality that more than 70% of employers screen and analyze the social media accounts of their employees before hiring them. With each passing day, social media screening is gaining more popularity. Auditing the social media accounts of candidates helps employers to get a clear picture of the personalities and the values they hold.

On the other hand, judging the character and conduct of employees just by viewing their social media posts doesn’t always guarantee that you had made the right hiring decision. Only a highly-reputed Background checks company that adopts battle-tested social media account Background Screening and verification techniques can perform an error-free and accurate audit result.

Five Situations Where You Should Have Had a Better Background Check

Background Check

Fraudulent Resumes

Lying on resumes by intentionally adding extra academic or professional qualifications with the hope that employers will extend a job offer is illegal. The increased unemployment rate and the increasingly competitive job market or the greed to get a lucrative career forces aspirants to prepare embellished resumes. To check the discrepancies in resumes and prevent bad hiring decisions, many organizations are seeking the help of various Background Screening and verification companies.

Millow is a leading employee Background Verification Company dedicated to offering the most promising and cost-effective Background Screening and verification solutions.

Offense Records and Drivers’ At-Fault Crash History

Before appointing a personal driver or company driver, individuals and organizations need to determine the suitability of the applicants. Families or individuals hire personal drivers to help them reach places with proper safety and security; drivers hired by companies are allocated more responsible duties. Whatever the case may be, prospective drivers must undergo a thorough Background Screening and verification. As a prominent.

Background checks company, Millow has in-house Background Screening and verification specialists who are adept at monitoring past offense records, Drivers’ At-Fault Crash history, driving under the influence records, and previous cases of traffic violations, driving without a license, reckless driving, etc.

Fake College/ University Certificates

The cases of providing bogus certificates are on the surge. According to the latest reports, out of 2 lakhs of Background Screening and verification done, around 23 per cent of certificates are fabricated. In India, there are many fake universities and colleges producing embellished certificates. It is difficult for employers to check each and every certificate submitted by candidates. Millow is a Background checks company that helps companies to do Background Screening and verification of candidates to spot fake certificates.

Domestic helps indulged in offensive activities

Most of the families living in cities and people who are employed find it difficult to be around their children and aged parents. The one and ole option available for such families is to hire a domestic helper who can help them with the daily household chores and nursing the sick and agent parents, caring for the children, and looking after the owner’s property.

But if you hire domestic help without conducting any Background Screening and verification can be even more dangerous. As a reliable and talented Background checks company, we help individuals and various organizations to select domestic help with clean hands and good conduct. At Millow, we have a specialized Background Screening and verification department that deals with the monitoring and screening of domestic help.

Tenants with Criminal Conviction or Arrest History

If you are the owner of an empty house, villa, or apartment and looking for tenants you must avail of our Background Screening and verification services. Before you lend your houses, you should make sure that a complete tenant Background Screening and verification is performed, so that you are able to select only the best tenants. If it is discovered that your tenants have a previous history of late or no payments, you can search for Efficient Solutions for Tracing Debtors and find a local debt collector and private investigator near you. They will be sure to help you get the rent and any back pay you are due, hopefully without the need for you to take the tenant to court. The Background checks company, Milow’s special tenant screening team reveals the complete criminal and eviction history of the prospective tenants.

Final Thoughts:

Background Checks

The Rising Need for Background Checks

Even though with each passing day the world is getting more and more connected, we fail to get a detailed crime and offense history of our employees, tenants, domestic helpers, etc. According to some of the leading reliable sources, the rate of creating embellished resumes and fake certificates and documents has increased compared with the previous years. In proportion to the increased number of fraudulent cases, we can see an increasing demand for Background Screening and verification services.

Performing Background Screening and verification of potential candidates brings several benefits to companies. Knowing the criminal history and the past offensive activities of the selected candidates beforehand helps companies to safeguard their employees and create a secure workplace.

A trusted Background checks company verifies the original qualifications of the applicants and helps educational institutions to determine the suitability of such applicants. For house owners who have put their empty houses for rent, a detailed tenant Background Screening and verification save you from entering into an agreement with criminals and frauds.