Thebpca Reviews 2021

You don’t need to be an experienced trader to empathize with the new and young traders. Fraud forex firms are probably the worst thing we could have given to our children. We all have an idea how damaging these might be for someone passionate about business and this is why we keep trying on our ends to save you all from such scams.

Hello, I am Robert Blue. I have been a trader for the past decade and I have seen this profession take different forms, survive shocks, grow and evolve. Also, I am now about to give up on trading because of my old age but I don’t wish to waste my trading lessons just like that. I have struggled for so long and I am here today to review my broker Thebpca for you. I have been using this for quite some time now and I feel like the credit for my unimaginable success goes to this platform to a large extent. This is because of the optimal trading environment that I was provided with which made my nights free of worries and stress.


It is right that Thebpca has given me a lot all these years but I cannot say that the forum is perfect. In fact, no forum can be perfect. If you go deep down, you’ll see if a forum serves one trader the best way it might be disappointing for the other. This variation is mainly because of the nature of the profession itself. Trading is a huge term that covers different sorts of traders and for most of the forums, it is hard to serve their varying and diverse needs in a manner that is equally satisfactory for all. This is why I would recommend you all not to follow anybody’s advice blindly. Because it is you who knows your interest the best then why seek help from others?

So, I will recommend you all to jot down all the points that you want in your broker and then shape your quest in a way that you end up with a broker that fits all your needs. I would like to mention here that I feel more confident reviewing this platform because in my 10-year journey I have worked with multiple platforms and this gives me an advantage to comparatively analyze the specs offered here with the ones others give. Also, I hope by the time we reach the end of this article, you all will be aware of what Thebpca has been like to me and then you’ll easily figure out if you need to go for it or not. I will also like to mention quickly that an avid researcher is bound to land at the winning end in the end. So never forget to research yourself.


Tools are something that make a platform attractive for traders. One of the major reasons why many forex traders were ready to sign up for forex firms was that they offered everything under a roof. Important tools that you can’t get hold of easily were available here. But do you realize how imperative it is that all these are reliable and efficient enough? I have seen firms that run tools manually and easily manipulate the customers. Here at Thebpca, this isn’t the case. Tools are highly efficient, up to the mark, professional and right according to our needs. I have always loved the charting tool because of the degree of customization it offers to the users.

You can pick a chart type of your choice and perform all operations with it. Apart from this, I also like how they give us a wide range of chart intervals. This and many more such tools have joined hands at Thebpca to make our trading experience fun and smooth. I must say that the tools at Thebpca have considerably eased my complex trading procedures. The price prediction tools have aided me multiple times to make the right decisions that have proved to be highly profitable later on.


Security is one of the major things that you need to look for in a forex firm. This is because no one wants to give away their money this way and end up with nothing despite all the efforts. This is why I’ll recommend you all to look into it yourselves also.

I have never been disappointed by the firm when it came to security. In fact, when I first went through the disclaimer, I was astonished how the company does not operate in some areas such as Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, etc. because it means a threat to the rest of the clients. This has won my heart since day 1 because I know that if a firm can give up on its profits for ensuring client’s security, then it can go to any extent for protection.

I have read the uploaded legal documents several times and I also like how they have been phrased in a straightforward manner so that the users have a clear idea of how stuff works here. Aslo, I have seen that unfortunately many traders, especially the young ones, do not take this section seriously. I feel like this is the worst form of ignorance that a trader can show.

Customer Support

Customer support at Thebpca is one of the best ones I have ever seen. Individuals are properly trained for the job and only then they are allowed to get in contact with the customers. The company seems mindful of the fact that it is these individuals who form the face of the company. I have been calling them for small problems like attaching a picture for filing a complaint and they have never been unwelcoming. It is great that the firm has made a number of options available such as call, email, chat and form submission.

I like to use the Live Chat option because it lets you talk without any delays. But there is an area which needs to be improved. Customer support services are not available 24/7 and this keeps us waiting for the operational hours to begin. There should also be an international number for all customers around the globe. Currently, residents of selected countries can make use of the calling option. Otherwise, the entire department is very well developed and takes good care of customers.


Next up is the education section. This section itself shows that the firm believes in the education of its customers. It should always be kept in mind that the process of education and learning shall never come to an end. This is what teaches you to cope up with the competitive environment and keep making your place on the overcrowded market. This is why the company has added an education segment that covers FAQs, Assets Index, Ebooks and Glossary.

I have made use of all of them but my favourite one has been the Ebooks one. Only because they have uploaded books for both advanced and basic level traders so your learning experience does not come to a halt. I wish more books were uploaded and we could download them to our devices. The FAQ section and the assets index one are also great. They are equally comprehensive and cover most of the information. I would love to see the entire section upgraded oftentimes.

I have found the FAQ section of the website is very engaging individually. Also, I also like how they have embedded links in the answers so you need not go back looking for the options. These questions are regarding major areas of concerns and help one save a lot of time. These all have been grouped in categories and this allows us to quickly reach these questions without having to fumble through the web page.


Although the website operates in the English language by default, there are a limited number of other options. Tons of clients of the firm come from different places all around the globe and a whole lot of them must be comfortable in their own languages so the company should consider adding more options to this.

The Concluding Remarks

Thebpca rescued me at a time when I was about to give up on trading. After joining this forum, things changed for me in no time. I could feel like I was trading the right way because now I had the entire market situation laid out in front of me. My financial managers have also helped me a lot with their expert advice on matters. In fact, I made my first stock deal because my manager said I should give it a shot.  I must say that I got a lot at Thebpca which could not be summed up here and you can only enjoy the phenomenal experience they offer if you sign up for it.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation