use alex on your phone

Alexa app is a very useful app that can be used on both Android or iOS. You are missing out a lot if you have not used this app on your smartphone. It is more than just a set of utilities for echo speakers and it has some great features to offer to you if you get it installed on your smartphones. When everything is becoming available on your fingertips, Alexa is the most helpful app you will come across that can make your life easier and better than it already is. Once you get familiar with this app you will enjoy it a lot.

Get to know the home screen

After you have installed the Alexa app on your smartphone, you will have to open the app and tab home. If you’re not already on the home then you might want to get to know the home screen before you start using it. It’s display is a useful overview with various displays on at. You will see that there are upcoming reminders, lists that you have edited and speaker skills that you should try if you want to test it. Just at the right top there is an Alexa button. You can tap on it and give this digital assistant voice command easily. If you do not get the hold of it you can try tapping browse skills or browse things to try in order to get familiar with the app and see what Alexa is capable of.

The same commands that you give to your smart speaker, you can give to Alexa. However, there are a few advantages To using your phone repair. The first is that you will not have to be close to it in order to give a command and the second is that you will be able to give both audible and visual feedback.

View reminders and lists

If there are a lot of reminders on your smartphones then you would want to browse through them instead of hearing them out. You know yourself better and also familiar if you have got some complicated reminders. You can simply open the Alexa app and browse through your made lists to see what is about to come. Normally the recently set reminders and recently used lists appear on the home screen of Alexa so you would not have to do anything complicated. On top of that you can always add new entries, edit the previous entries and take off your To Do List if you are done with the tasks for the day.

If you want to set up recurring reminders Alexa is too good for that. it takes a few taps in the app with which you can set reminders and alarms and then Alexa will ping you when needed.

Control your smart home

Controlling smart home devices with Alexa is an easy task to do. You can do it on your phone screen easily and you will not have to depend on your voice. If you want to see what devices are connected, you can simply view your connected smart home devices in the Alexa app by tapping on devices. The screen will let you know what devices you have, and you will be able to turn smart lights and smart plugs on and off, check the status of your smoke alarm, and adjust the temperature of your thermostat.

You can always add new devices to your Alexa by tapping the plus button in the top right corner. If you want to access more detailed settings of a particular device, you can tap on the category and then the device itself. The app will let you adjust whatever you want on your phone screen. Isn’t it amazing?

Set up Alexa routines

Alexa offers you the most useful feature, setting up a routine. If you set up Alexa routines you will see how good it will function throughout the day reminding you of the things you have to do and giving you reminders when needed. In order to configure routines, you will have to set those up in the Alexa app and you will see how well it functions. There are Amazon suggested example routines as well that you can see, which will give you more ideas and your life will become simple with this amazing app. You can also ask Alexa to find flat roof repair in Long Island and ask to set a reminder for a call.

Manage music and audiobooks

Alexa app also manages music and audiobooks. The play icon in the center of the Alexa app is very helpful if you are going to manage music and audiobooks. You can tap on it to pour and restart. You can also use it to skip forward or back forward in the current playlist and adjust the volume without having to say things out loud. even if you are in a different room you will be able to adjust anything you want with your mobile app instead of going to the room. The play screen also allows you to see what you have been listening to which makes it easier for you to decide what you want to listen next. Whether it is your music library, online radio station or audiobook you will see everything right from your app and adjust things the way you want.


Alexa is a wonderful app if understood and used properly. It can make your life easy. You can do anything you want with the help of this app ranging from setting up lists and reminders to manage audiobooks and music. It is a complete package that you would not want to miss at any cost.