Process for Video Editing

With the rise of digital technology, it’s incredible how video editing has become accessible to all of us. Of course, most of us aren’t about to launch a mainstream movie. Nevertheless, most of us want to be present online and maximize our social media use with some awesome free video clips. So, when you want to make a video online, why not check out this online video editor? You’ll be amazed at just how much it offers that can suit any need.


The Online Video Editor Process

When you create videos, you actually have two options. You can either customize a template with a video maker and add your logo and tagline, or you can use an online video editor tool to edit your own video clips, with or without a template, effortlessly and conveniently. With this tool, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity and produce stunning videos in just a few clicks. With that option, you’ll want to know how to use your video editor according to the following process:

  • Organize your video clips
  • Create a project in your online video maker
  • Rough cut
  • Final cut and download
  • Social media distribution

Organize your video clips

This step might sound obvious but you’ll appreciate it when you have a large number of images and various video clips. It’s actually a key part of the process and is sometimes called logging. Essentially, you organize your media into bins so that you can easily download them into your video editor timeline.

Create a project in your online video editor

Most video editor tools have an interface that involves creating a project. You’ll then have a timeline where you can organize your various video clips and images. This is the part where you use your online video editor to assemble everything in the right order.


You’ll be able to structure your story with your video editor and work out how long you want your first video. Don’t forget though that if you’re aiming for social media then most videos tend to be around 5 to 6 minutes long. Although, if you can keep things to 1 to 2 minutes then you’ll be able to hold people’s attention more easily.

Rough cut

Professional editors will talk about Rough Cut and Fine Cut before the Final Cut. Of course, if you’re using your editing tool to create videos for social media marketing then you’ll probably jump straight to the final cut. Basically, editing a 1 or 2-minute video isn’t complex and you’ll be done very quickly.

Nevertheless, you’ll still apply basic editing effects such as trimming and cropping. You might also want to use your online video editor to jump between scenes or to face in and out. Video editing also involves touching up the colors and contrast so that you don’t have too many shadows.

Most online video editor tools for social media keep things simple for you by having slider scales to adjust lighting, color, and contrast. That means that you don’t have to worry about the specifications and numbers. Essentially, sit back and let the video editor do the work.

Final cut and download

When you create videos, you’ll also want to think about your audio and music. You can usually download something directly from the music library that your online video editor has to offer. Then again, you can of course use your own music if you prefer. Either way, you can then edit the audio files so that they match the images in your online video.

Social media distribution

Video creation is one part of it but so is distribution. It’s sad to think that you might have created the most amazing video online but no one will watch it. Therefore, make sure you know which social media platform you want to use. If you already have some followers then you can try to encourage them to share your online video. Then again, you should make sure that you have an impactful and engaging video.

A good way to test your online video before you actually distribute it is to share it with a select group. Make sure you choose people who are going to be comfortable giving you constructive feedback. Then, ask them what takeaway they got from your first video and what emotions they felt whilst watching it. Your test viewers might also have recommendations for you to make a video that’s even more impactful. Then, it’s very easy to make your edits and final adjustments with your video editor.


Parting Words for Using an Online Video Editor

Using a video editor is actually pretty easy especially because most software tools are designed such that the process is obvious. Nevertheless, make sure you organize your video clips and arrange them into a powerful story with great music. That way you can engage with people such that they’ll want to share your online video and your organic traffic will grow naturally.