social media marketing trends

The world has shown tremendous change with technological advancement in the past decade. With artificial intelligence and new innovative tools, many organizations like have now implemented the latest ideologies for the foreseeable future in the longer run. Initially, there were only traditional marketing methods, but the Internet has brought a whole new horizon of multiple opportunities and added an entirely new audience. Commonly known as an online audience, 4.57 billion people are connected globally, and innovative marketing strategies have emerged with a different and engaging approach.

These days, the audience is self-aware of the changing trends and quick adoption of innovation. Hence, in such cases, if the company is not following the latest trends in marketing strategies, then you might lose a potential amount of culture. You can now find new directions for social media marketing with artificial intelligence to scheduling software. Hence, Lahore’s social media marketing services have sprung to supply companies with the latest marketing trends, ultimately encouraging them for more sales revenue.

Rising Trend of Stories on Social Platform

We are aware that videos always captivate more audiences with unique and compelling ideas. Many social media platforms have come up with the concept of engaging stories that remain for 24 hours only. It has become the top preference of consumers these days, and most people prefer to watch small videos on the explore page rather than scrolling down the news feed. The idea is growing popular on Instagram, Snapchat, and even YouTube has introduced this concept. Hence, any social media marketing company heavily emphasizes promoting stories to drive more sales. The strategy is called vertical marketing, and with engaging emojis, it is considered quite popular and successful among the audience.

Rising Demand for Mobile Apps

Almost 164.9 million Pakistanis use smartphones and have adopted the mobile device as their actual usage. People are now looking for a mobile-friendly website or preferably convenient apps with a consumer-pleasant experience. From shopping to learning new information, even the new channels have come out with their apps to access their customers better.

The Upsurge of Generation Z

The marketing trends change due to the preferences of the audience. When a new generation comes, they bring their new ideologies and new ways of approaching different issues. Generation Z is much aware of society’s social downfalls and is more active on global topics and holds a progressive approach with minimalistic taste in their art and culture. Slowly millennials are coming to power, supporting environmentally friendly, empathetic attitudes with sustainable design rather than going for older, extreme methods. This year, according to the latest research, generation z will comprise 40% of the consumer audience, so it’s high time to divert to those media platforms where this newer audience is found.

Target your Niche Market

The first thing the right digital marketing agency will highlight is the defining market of a company. All resources can go to waste if you are not delivering your message to the desired target audience. By limiting demographics like location, income, age, gender, and much more, the audience is defined according to their needs and preferences. Now social media marketing is highly effective if we know whom to market and which platforms are useful.

The Trend of Emerging Social Media Platforms

It is quite evident that with the rising trend of social media platforms, how many companies have started promoting their products with new PR promotions, brand awareness, and opt linkbuilding service to improve their online presence. Apart from that, social media influencer marketing has also become popular. They have a large number of followers on the Internet. Many people like to follow them; thus, many brands sometimes approach them indirectly to those who pursue these influencers as their role models. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok have attracted 37 million people from Pakistan. It provides lucrative opportunities for many young startups who want to transfer their message to their target market.

Social media marketing continues to evolve as these platforms continue to grow for a better consumer approach. Big companies on these platforms have strictly significant policies and provide particular guidelines to companies before letting them run their ads on these platforms. The ads are specially reviewed under a set of criteria and encourage strong positive campaigns only. Hence, if you are looking for your brands’ right tactics, these social media marketing trends will effectively help you.