Premium Conferencing Hardware

Whether your team works remotely or in the office, video conference calls can be frustrating if the audio isn’t crisp and clear. Achy-breaky speech, ultrasonic echoes, and inaudible audio are some challenges when using less than premium equipment.

Upgrading your video conferencing hardware can help level the playing field for remote workers and ensure crystal-clear communication.

Increased Productivity

The right video conference technology can be vital in keeping your employees productive. It allows you to communicate with remote colleagues and clients more naturally and can reduce time spent traveling to meetings.

Video conferencing hardware goes beyond traditional webcams for laptops and personal devices, with features such as wide angles, adjustable viewpoints, facial recognition, and HD video. In addition, some conferencing devices offer high-quality speakers with room-filling sound and a display capable of supporting multiple sources and content.

Consider a premium device if you’re looking for an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution. This product offers a full-featured meeting experience compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams Rooms and provides synchronized 1080p video with a high-quality camera. It also offers several networking capabilities, including Gigabit Ethernet and PoE support. This makes it ideal for large conference rooms and organizations that rely on video conferencing frequently.

Enhanced Collaboration

Imagine a remote team meeting that goes seamlessly without audio and video delays, blurry whiteboards, or messy markup. That’s the kind of experience you can expect from premium communications hardware that offers advanced features like wide-angle cameras, multi-touch screens, and a digital assistant to ensure a seamless meeting for your entire team.

The best conference room equipment is easy to use and integrates with your employees’ software to collaborate and meet online. Look for devices certified to work with so your employees can quickly launch their meetings on desktop, laptop, and mobile, plus enjoy a unified communication and collaboration workspace that’s easy to set up.

A popular option, which works with various meeting platforms and includes a complete conference room solution combining high-definition video and content sharing. This device also has one-button join capabilities for multiple meeting platforms and supports a wide range of peripherals, including wireless speakers.

Enhanced Security

Whether your company is entirely virtual, maintains various offices, or a mix of both, video conferencing is the key to maintaining an efficient team. However, remote employees can experience choppy meetings with the proper hardware and software. From audio delays to video cuts, blurry whiteboards, or obstructed speakers, these issues can make your meetings more effective and enjoyable.

This is why choosing communications hardware designed to support a full suite of video conferencing capabilities is essential. Consider looking for a solution that supports a unified communications platform and includes integrated hardware with networking capabilities.

This will give remote and hybrid employees access to the same functionality that in-person employees enjoy. Additionally, it will allow your IT team to provide updates and new hardware easily, regardless of your employees’ location. This will help your business keep its remote workforce productive and engaged while supporting the remote work policies of your organization.

Enhanced Mobility

Whether your business has remote and on-site employees, is 100% virtual, or maintains offices across multiple locations, video conferencing allows your team to communicate quickly and efficiently. This is particularly true if you use videoconferencing hardware from premium brands. Their hardware delivers synchronous video with their camera and content sharing to make your virtual meetings as productive as possible. Some offer accessories such as the K-Lock Adapter that screws into the bottom of 3 devices, turning them into standard T-bar lockable conference hardware. This helps protect your investments from theft or damage.