2021 has been an exceptional year up until this point, and the impacts of all that happened will be felt all through the world for a long time to come. The pandemic has changed the scene of numerous ventures, leaving numerous individuals to reconsider their job decisions. When numerous individuals lost their jobs, there was one industry that appeared to be unaffected by every one of these changes.

Indeed, the spike in interest has even made it more well-known than any time in recent history. I am obviously talking about online forex trading. The capacity to work remotely has been demonstrated to be precious this year, even though I work from home and I have observed that this has been one of the numerous advantages this industry offers.

My Experience With MyTradingCollege

So, like everyone else my interest in trading also spiked, and I thought that it would be a better chance to start trading now than ever before. In my free time, I wanted to educate myself and start making a profit. With the pandemic in tow, I could only look for online courses and guidance.


What better way to gather all the information and study material than to purchase low price courses rather than surf around the internet looking for the correct material and wasting your precious time. Rather I chose to save time and energy and got myself MyTradingCollege courses. I am writing this review because this platform genuinely helped me learn about all that I needed to know to become a better trader compared to an average one.

Keep reading my review to know more about the courses, what they offer and how my experience led me to trade and make better profits in 2021.

Real Platform, Real Courses

With anything that is related to authenticity and online, I knew that it would be difficult to find something that would be secure, guaranteed, worthy of my time. In this manner, course reviews help a lot and so I asked my friends to assist me in picking a trading course pack online. With their help and guidance, I settled on MyTradingCollege. WHY?

Well, the things that assured me about the platform being authentic were;

  1. It is owned and operated by Milix HK LTD, a private company incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong, with registration number 2984477 residing at Room 2103, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (“MilixHK”). – This is important as it separates the platform from the scam sites. So, this way I knew I was dealing with a proper platform where my money wouldn’t go to waste.
  2. The prices of the courses are very low compared to other platforms. They are more reasonable and were in my range of budget.
  3. The courses don’t just tackle trading information and throw it up in a coursepack. It is organized and categorized into three different courses and the information is based on your experience hence you can even say that they very personalize courses that you can understand very easily and get the best outcome.


Again, since it is an online platform, I knew I needed to look for the red flags as well. I thought it would be important for the people reading my review to know what to stay cautious of while selecting an educational platform where you are investing your money and how MyTradingCollege very gracefully deals with them.

  • Type of Content

I believe It is imperative to offer alternate kinds of instructive material because every single one of us has an alternate learning style. While some lean toward visual portrayal, others will appreciate verbal. I have seen that a few instructors offer just written material, along these lines creating a gap for individuals keen on visual education.

Here is why I appreciate MyTradingCollege as it works really hard in incorporating various ways for students to learn. These strategies empower every student to learn at their own speed. I wish the platform was in more languages than just English. I was able to recommend the courses to my international friends. So, for a student like me who did not have any prior knowledge of what trading is and how it all works the platform offers an introductory course called “Lite”. I started my learning process with the Lite course and thankfully that was the right decision for me.

  • Time and Cost

You will be surprised to hear this, upon my research I noticed few courses are shamefully duplicating the Wikipedia fundamental articles, repackaging them, and offering as their own shiny new material (shocking right!). I was fortunate enough to spot them by noticing the measure of material on offer. Most courses will incorporate a definite number of pages/long stretches of material they offer. Also, I observed an immense disparity between the measure of material on offer and the asking price. I never wanted to waste a handful of my hard-earned money on some duplicated and raucously unorganized course pack.


MyTradingCollege demonstrated exactly what they were offering me and that is how I understood their prices and why they made the most sense to me. For each course pack, I saw that they were offering eBooks, Video lectures, Trade analysis, Trade Trends, and the Psychology behind trading. The price of the courses also matched my small budget. So, I was happy to indulge with this platform. Though the platform does not have a PayPal option for their payment method, I hope that they will add it soon. But they offer VISA and MasterCard which work efficiently.

  • Teachers

Since most of these scam courses don’t offer 1-on-1 meetings, I knew that most of the material I would be learning would be uneven. Since I won’t be straightforwardly cooperating with my instructor, it would appear to be hard to decide their competency. Notwithstanding, I can say a ton regarding education providers and their staff just by perusing their site. I made certain to pay special mind to configuration structure and syntactic missteps. As these errors are regularly converted into helpless material.

For instance, MyTradingCollege offers an expert plan that says a lot about their commitment and level of skill. They have a whole page set up for you to know why you need to learn proper strategies and techniques about trading and how the courses will benefit you. I mean, I learned a lot just about trading from that single page on their site. I suggest going through that page as it will really help you out. On top of that, the platform has another page that guides you on how to pick an ideal broker. So as you learn from the courses you can easily start your trading career.

Even if you get confused with anything while studying the courses you can always contact customer care services. I did that and the response was quick. Sometimes the live chat was slow at night time but they responded to me anyway which was comforting.

The 3 Courses for All Types of Traders


  • The Lite Course

This is the course intended to assist the total amateurs (like me). As I hadn’t gone through a day trading my life, this was the first course that I opted for. With more than 100 pages, various eBooks acquaint you with many trading essentials. I actually favor video lectures, there are almost two hours of video on demand. These instructional exercises assisted me with understanding the appropriate platform route and sufficient utilization of trading tools. Talking about which, I could figure out how to utilize probably the most basic ones including the economic calendar, market news, and the glossary. I mean, I was more inclined towards the course as it was only for 350 Euros!

  • The Plus Course

The Plus Course offers a further developed glance at the forex trading industry. This customized course costs €700 and consequently offers numerous techniques and strategies. Besides the extra, complete eBooks and VoD, this course showed me the significance of asset trends, daily investigation, and everyday signals. Successful traders utilize these prices every day, so it is fundamental to find out about them.

Perhaps the greatest incorporation in this package that I found interesting was its trading psychology. Seeing how to trade without feeling and perceiving traps is quite possibly the main thing to think about while online trading.

With the help of this course, I was able to select a broker and invest for the first time. I chose to invest in forex around $350 and within 3 weeks I earned a profit of $627. This was reason enough for me to get the last course and become an experienced trader.

  • The Pro Course

The Pro Course is the highest point of getting all the information on trading. When I wrote this review, this customized course was on discount. Rather than the usual €2,500, I got to buy the course for only 1300 Euros! This was a great price for me given how many resources I got. Notwithstanding all material the past two courses incorporate. I got the opportunity to figure out how to play out my own. First and specialized investigation and build up a wide range of trading procedures. New traders can make a plunge directly into this bundle if their spending plan permits it.


MyTradingCollege is a decent platform for the two new traders and experienced traders. They offer a lot of adaptability to those wishing to take in everything starting from the earliest stage and those simply wishing to refresh their learnings. I was glad to discover that their customer support network is controlled by able individuals.

Who can satisfactorily address all and any issues I tossed in their direction. If I could just see extra communication channels for the individuals who like to talk via telephone. I would have given an ideal score. Considering everything on this platform my last score for MyTradingCollege is a 4.5/5.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.