Mobile Retargeting

Mobile retargeting is an extremely effective strategy that lets you increase your conversion rates significantly. But, do you know what exactly is it? How to conduct it? Why is it so good? We are going to answer all these questions in this article – read on, if you wish to learn more about mobile retargeting!

What is mobile retargeting?

Let’s begin with defining mobile retargeting. This is a strategy of re-approaching users who visited your website through an advert yet did not convert, by exposing them to offers that they will see on their mobile devices.

A crucial element of mobile retargeting is personalization. It is natural that most users who visit your website will not convert – they are in different stages of the funnel, and some might not yet have the sales intent after all. This is why it is crucial to conduct customized retargeting – approach the target audience with solutions to their problems and with products that meet their interests.

Why should your strategy include mobile retargeting?

Conversions are always the aim of advertising campaigns, no matter whether you want your target audience to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter or download an app. However, as we have mentioned before, often their intent is far from commercial – the people who click your ads may do it out of curiosity, or just considering buying a certain product. Therefore, showing them what you offer is purely the first step.

Ad campaigns will build your recognition and may start pushing your target audience towards the commercial intent, yet they are only the initiative – you will need to encourage your target group more. Mobile retargeting is a way to do that. By presenting the potential customers with personalized offers, you encourage them to consider converting again, and by doing this several times, you build a steady commercial intent among the people who are aware of your brand and can access it with just a click.

How to conduct mobile retargeting?

Let’s get to the core of this article, the most important element – how to do mobile retargeting effectively. There are quite a few good practices that will help you achieve success whilst using this strategy:

  • Wait – Don’t send retargeting materials immediately. Your target audience needs time to build up their intent.
  • Set a limit – There’s nothing more discouraging than being flooded with the same ads. While you shouldn’t restrict your mobile retargeting strategy to only 2–3 adverts, you should set a limit – both a time limit between displays and a maximum number of ads sent. Overdoing retargeting may backfire, so keep it reasonable.
  • Personalize – Nobody wishes to waste their money, and sending standardized adverts and banners to all users is exactly that. If someone hasn’t converted initially, your aim is to convince them that they truly need to do it – customization is a must.

The takeaway

With this knowledge about mobile retargeting, you will surely be able to increase the number of sales and the overall ROI on your marketing campaigns. Remember not to be too invasive and to personalize your ads – it’s the key to success.