Nest Hello

Doorbells went through an evolution of their own with time. From regular doorbells to intercoms, video intercoms, and now Smart Doorbells. You would think it couldn’t get any better than having video intercoms at our residences, where you could see who is at the door while speaking to them simultaneously, but Smart Doorbells have taken up the title of being the best doorbell for the year.

Smart home devices have become increasingly common in US households in recent years. Not everyone has a bunch of smart devices installed in their homes, some have a thing or two but it can make all the difference. Smart devices are inherently designed to reduce energy wastage and automate a home – with doorbells it’s a little different of course.

Smart Doorbells are a game-changer should anyone install one in their homes, and the best one yet that we contend is the Google Nest Hello. A brilliant device that is worth the price tag of $229, comes packed with features that are surely reason enough for you to get one for your home too.

What Makes the Nest Hello One of the Best Doorbells to Date?

Clear HD and Sound Quality

The Nest Hello gives users a crystal clear HD quality video feed, during the daytime and night; and two-way audio and sound, allowing for easy communication between people at both ends of the doorbell camera.

Standard video intercoms usually have a black and white or a not-so-great colored video feed but with a limited view of the camera as well. The Nest Hello on the other hand shows a full head-to-toe, wide-angle view of whoever is at the door. It can even differentiate between a person and an object.

Remote Access

The device itself connects to the home Wi-Fi network allowing it to be connected to your mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. The clear HD quality video of the Nest Hello is accessible through the Google Home app, along with the entire device itself. Answer the door from your smartphone whether you’re at home, or if you’re at work, or even in another state altogether. That is the convenience of the Nest Hello, it lets you answer the door anytime and anywhere.


In terms of security, the Nest Hello is the perfect doorbell to have. Not only is its remote access feature a plus point, but its wide-angle view of your porch is too. What’s even better, and adds to the security factor is the real-time alerts this device features. The Nest Hello doorbell uses motion detection to detect movement, and sends live alerts to your mobile devices accordingly – even if the person hasn’t rung the bell yet! Its two-way audio feature also saves you the trouble of answering the door yourself, instead speak to whomever it is from wherever you are at the moment. A bonus feature if you subscribe to Google Nest Aware is that you can get alerts on specific people with the facial recognition feature.

Sleek Design

The Nest Hello sports a small, sleek design that is not at all very obvious. And even with its sleek design, enjoy all the amazing features this device can offer. There is no external device that is to be installed within the premises for you to answer the doorbell – it is all done through the Google Home app that can be downloaded onto our smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Swap Out Your Old Video Intercom Today

As we mentioned, smart devices are taking the US domestic market by storm, allowing more and more users to install smart devices within their homes. That is precisely why the Google Nest Hello, a Smart Video Doorbell is one of the best doorbells for you to have installed at your home in this present day. With features such as mobile access, notifications, wireless and remote control, and even video recording, why wouldn’t you want one for your home? Swap your old video intercom doorbell with the Nest Hello and see all the difference it makes.

The Google Nest Hello is available on First Energy Home’s website. Head on over to to get one for your home today!