Top Cities for Movie Lovers

There are plenty of cities out there for music lovers, but there are only a couple for movie lovers. If you’re a die-hard film fan, you may want to consider living in some of these cities in the U.S.

Government Camp, Oregon

To some extent, isn’t everyone a fan of movies? Even if you don’t love film for some reason, or you don’t like this medium of art, don’t you think you would at least enjoy a movie once in a while? Or a specific movie? However, I digress. These places are for those who love movies, cinema, or anything involving film. There is one person who we think of when we think of scary movies. The father of horror writing, Steven King.

Government Camp is where the Timberline Lodge is located. If you were to google this right now, you may realize that it is the Overwatch Hotel. And if you don’t know where we’re going with this, then you may need to check out The Shining. Those of us who are knowledgeable of the terror of the novelist Stephen King is already imagining the hotel in our heads right now.

This hotel is such a great place to visit even if you don’t move here. The temperature up in these mountains is snowy and cold, just the way it is in the movie. This town is quite a picturesque ski town like the ones you see in Christmas movies. This is due to the volcanic mountain range of Mount Hood that draws thousands to its slopes in the winter months.

Los Angeles, California

A bit more of an obvious choice, Los Angeles is the quintessential film hub where all the best actors, writers, and producers are making some of the greatest acts that have ever been created. Hollywood has always been a draw for actors, directors, performers, and hustlers. Many studios are in Hollywood such as Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Universal Studios.

One of the best reasons to look at Los Angeles homes for sale is because it is truly one of the most naturally beautiful cities in all of the United States. The climate of Los Angeles is a hot Mediterranean climate. This area tends to stay pretty dry which causes the wildfires that we hear about happening all the time on the west coast. But the scenic hills, the beautiful beaches, and the crisp ocean air make every part of this city 100% worth it.

In around late February to early March, you can expect an influx of the famous and noteworthy. The Academy Awards bring many actors and other creators together to celebrate the amazing work they do every year. If you can’t find yourself a ticket, feel free to line up on the streets to see all your favorites on the red carpet. Every day is like a movie in Hollywood.

Orlando, Florida

This one is on the list for one very obvious reason, Disney. Now, above we stated that Disney studios are based in Los Angeles, and it most certainly is where a lot of the films are created and put together. However, Disneyworld offers something that you cannot get in Hollywood, and that is the ultimate fan experience of feeling like you are right in the movie.

Disney does a great job of bringing all of their movies, even the ones that are animated, to the forefront at Disneyworld. If you are a huge Disney fan, then you have probably already thought of living close to Disneyworld. Some of the best things about living close to Disney are the constant celebration and feeling of fun that is just constantly swirling in the air around the area. To make it even better, Florida residents get discounts on Disney ticket sales.

These three options are just based on 3 different genres of film, and honestly, there are so many other significant cities that appeal to movie lovers. We think that at least one of these locations appeals to most viewers. Any of these places are wonderful to live in not just because of the local movie scene, but because they have special attributes as well that make them a great, unique place to live.