Technology and Its Impact on Children

Technology has made a huge impact on our lives, whether we want to accept it or not. We now deal with most things online as work and education have also become remote now. Moreover, even for the smallest of things, we rely on the internet and smart technology. So, if there is an internet outage, we call our ISP support like Cox customer service number as soon as possible. Because without the internet, our whole lives might come to a halt.

We cannot live a ‘normal’ life without using technology. So, it is impossible to keep our children away from it as well. Even a toddler these days would know how to launch an app on a smartphone. While there are many positive impacts of modern-day tech, there are also some negatives to it. This article will explore the good and the bad for our kids.

Positive Impacts of Technology

We cannot deny that technology is the future, and we have to adapt to it. Our children and their children will probably end up using more tech than we ever did. It can open up many opportunities around the world and has made us more connected than before. Here are some positive impacts:

Learning Opportunities

If we didn’t shift to distance learning, education could have stopped during the pandemic. Imagine if two years of our children’s lives would have gone to waste. So, technology and the internet were our only refuge in these trying times. Children can learn a lot through technology such as virtual classrooms and advanced augmented reality kits. Moreover, research is easier through apps and TV programs.

Quicker Thinking

Research says that the use of technology during the developing years can change how children learn. It can rewire their learning habits and help them think on their feet. Moreover, children can now quickly sift through information because of the internet. As technological advances gain speed, they enhance our kids’ thinking capacity.

Opening Up More Careers

More technology also means that there will be more jobs in the future. Because tech is creating spaces in the market that didn’t exist before. We didn’t have the kind of equipment we do now. So, we need more people that can run and program the latest tech. So, our children can have more opportunities in the tech world that won’t be as saturated as other markets.

Quicker Decision-Making Skills

Video games and AR technology can help improve spatial skills for children. Moreover, it also enables them to make quicker decisions. As video games have faster plays, children are almost always in situations where they need to act fast. So, it can train their brain for quicker problem-solving and improved spatial awareness.

Negative Effects of Technology

As much as we love new tech, there are some apparent negative impacts as well. Here are some of them:

Lack of Focus

Technology can also create many distractions for our children. They might open up an app to learn something but get a social media notification. Moreover, it can also affect attention spans as results can be instantaneous. So, it is becoming harder for children to wait for things. As technology moves fast, it is making children used to instant gratification.

Irregular Sleeping Schedules

One of the most common negative impacts of technology is screen time for children. Even toddlers are used to screens as they listen to poems and watch cartoons. As a result, they are getting more exposed to blue light. It can harm children’s mental health and eyesight. Moreover, blue light from screens sends signals to the brain to wake up. As a result, it disrupts normal sleeping patterns and schedules for many children. It can make them feel tired throughout the day because of disturbed REM sleep.

Lack of Privacy

A major disadvantage is the looming privacy concerns and threats of a data leak online. So, to keep your children safe online, you have to make sure that you have enough cybersecurity protocols in place. And this might not be possible all of the time. Your children could give out sensitive information online or go to an inappropriate website. So, there could be little to no privacy for kids online if they are not careful.

Obesity and Laziness

Obesity can be a common issue these days for many kids. We could blame technology for this as well. Video games and online classes are making kids slow and turning them into couch potatoes. So, we need to add one or two physical activities to their routine to avoid getting into a rut.