Review on StocksCM

I really was struggling with finding the right Trading company for some time now. Since I was looking for a platform that was actually reliable and provided a variety of services like good education, and a range of trading and payment methods, my list can go on and on. It really is difficult to find that perfect platform that is compatible with your taste and liking. So, after looking for a secure and reliable trading platform for a few months, a friend of mine introduced me to StocksCM. Because of his consistent recommendation, I decided to give it a try.

I learned a lot of things while using this platform. I am writing this review so I can give you a complete rundown of StocksCM from my own personal point of view, I understand the struggle and effort of finding the right trading platform so I thought I could provide you all with a review on the platform that I am currently using and tell you about how my experience has been going with StocksCM. At the end of this review, you can see my final verdict on this platform and get good detail on all that StocksCM has to offer to its clients.

Trade Experience

Most brokers such as myself will find what they are looking for in the News and Research tab where you can find stocks by market cap, benefit yield, the top rating in the area, and so on I don’t discover their site shading plan as appealing however that is only an individual inclination. You can set several defaults for trading on the web, for instance, whether or not you need a market or limit order, however, most decisions must be made at the hour of the Trade.

When you open the trading platform tab it comes alive with a graph and all sorts of trading settings like Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and even Indices. And once you see the Graphs setting you will notice that it too has many options to make it easy for the user. I guess StocksCM really knows what the users want when trading.

So, the chart types are line, OHLC, spline, scatter, and candlestick. Multiple options for chart indicators. They also have the option of showing the current price indicator. This just shows how much effort StocksCM has put in for the ease of their clients. They could however have some brighter color schemes for the charts, but that is just my personal preference.

I truly was impressed to see that StocksCM gives progressing data over the platform, this trading platform has more data and tools than most platforms I have encountered before. StocksCM in like manner gives a probability calculator, analytics, and much more. You might want to go through their website to see for yourself.

Usability Convenience

StocksCM is very simple and easy to use. The platform has tended to the challenges of having the tools for traders. Initial account opening with StocksCM is basic. Nonetheless, adding on account features, for example, alternative trading or margin includes rounding out an extra application, and none of that information, (for example, your occupation) is copied from your profile, so you only need to enter it once more. The initial registration can take a little bit of your time but is only because they are so thorough. Their security is why I trust them so much.

Less active traders mainly looking to buy, and a hold will discover StocksCM’s platform more than adequate for their necessities, with quotes, graphs, watchlists, and more stuffed into an interface that figures out how to abstain from being overwhelming. Their platform can get a little slow at times, but the services make up for it.


StocksCM Online Education Center contains more than 600 bits of content in areas including options, fixed income, crucial and specialized analysis, and retirement. The instructive substance is articles, videos, webinars, infographics, and recorded webinars. The substance is a combination of StocksCM, an outsider-made substance, which incorporates courses planned to direct the beginner trader or even an expert forward.

They could provide a much wider range of eBooks which is lacking a little bit. This is where I found StocksCM so much helpful as it provides additional offers for weekly online Education meetings, where customers can go to a little gathering, and online instructive meetings to have inside and out conversations around the subjects of trading and specialized analysis. The mobile applications feature what StocksCM considers Education Programs that help to start traders better comprehend the market and investing ideas.

Account Types

On the off chance that you are thinking about becoming a customer, there are four unique accounts, and you can pick them depending on your trading experience and interest. The first on the offer is Silver Account and you have to deposit at any rate 250 EUR if you pick this one. What StocksCM offers inside this account are more than 200 trading resources, market audits, and leverage up to 1:100. As should be obvious, this account is ideal for beginners. In any case, on the off chance that you are available to higher options, there is the Gold Account.

The base deposit is 10,000 EUR and I have to say, the things you get inside this account are amazing. Other than the 200+ trading resources and market surveys, you will have Gold Spreads, leverage up to 1:200, extra assets and exceptional endeavor advancements, committed senior account manager, financial and risk management designing, monthly webinars, and organized withdrawal measures (Level 3).


Presently, how about I tell you what offers customers get with the third Account Type, Platinum? Each one of those things that you get in the Gold account represents Platinum too. In any case, as an expansion, you will get Platinum Spreads, leverage up to 1:300, trading signals, weekly webinars, private analysis meetings, and organized withdrawal measure level 2. The base deposit prerequisite is 50,000 EUR.

The last alternative is the VIP account. This is the one that has an assortment of choices and it is an invitation-only account. What they offer with this account is VIP Spreads, leverage up to 1:400, complete admittance to trade room analysis and online courses, admittance to rewarding VIP functions, and organized withdrawal measure level 1.

I have to say very honestly, I truly like how the StocksCM trading platform has helped me out tremendously. The principal things we see are more than acceptable and I trust they will keep on providing us with incredible offers. All things considered, how about I tell you about their Deposit and Withdrawal and see what they have arranged?

Customer Care

  • 24/7 telephone line
  • Online chat with a human analyst
  • FAQs provide extensive answers for a better understanding
  • You can converse with a live trader

One of the easiest ways to analyze customer care is by seeing how quickly they are able to get back to their customers to help them out. This demonstrates their commitment, again and again, is giving productive client service. I liked that they are educated but also use basic language which everybody can understand. Their customer service might get slow at night time, but they always give an appropriate answer. I had a good experience using their customer care just because of how accurately they were able to solve my issues.

You can get in touch with them through the live chat, which is basically my top pick. The operators are accessible immediately, and you can keep them on the line as long as you need. You can use the email choice which is also safe and responsive.

Risk Management

With risk management, StocksCM is amazing and so hands-on. I am very happy with how much they care for their clients.

Regardless of how involved you are in the trading market, the first thing you must know is that it is very unsafe. Like in some other businesses, there are good and bad times. Also, however, you can’t completely shield yourself from the risk, you can take some deterrent measures. The most significant one is teaching yourself to attempt to be ready for tough situations.

But StocksCM from the very first time that I joined them made me and other clients feel very safe from the risk that could be there but was not. It became very safe and easy to trade with them.


StocksCM’s security is up to industry norms:

  • Security questions are used when customers sign in from an obscure program.
  • Higher-risk trades, for example, wire moves, require two-factor verification.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits can be made utilizing a Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire Transfer.

Withdrawal can be made utilizing Credit/Debit Cards or Bank Wire It takes around seven to ten days for the withdrawal cycle to be finished, yet it likewise shifts relying upon your account type, on the grounds that each account has distinctive need levels. I decided to pick a similar technique I utilized for deposits. And I think it is a better idea for you as well to pick a similar withdrawal and deposit method.

My Verdict

The general overview I have for this broker is fantastic. StocksCM experience showed me that I was dealing with an authentic broker, who takes great consideration of customers and their assets. All things considered; I can recommend them without any hesitation.

StocksCM’s improvement viewpoint is centered around improving the client experience, saying that its objective for 2020 is proceeding to meet client expectations around customer experience and convenience.