Prox Cards

Any place where important things happen needs to be safely guarded. For years, this has meant a physical lock and key. Maybe a high fence to keep out intruders. Offices and other workplaces, like government buildings, must be kept safe so employees feel comfortable and valuable data is protected.

The modern world has a different solution than a physical key, one that is safer, slicker, and more convenient. Let’s check out why proximity cards, or prox cards, are so popular in offices worldwide.

Security First

First, let’s check out what makes a prox card so secure. The contactless ID cards communicate with remote receivers using an embedded metallic antenna.

The encoded data on the card, a unique sequence of numbers specific to every card, is transmitted to the HID proximity card reader, opening any door the holder is authorized to access. The reader verifies if the numbers match those in the workplace’s internal database.

Leaders in this space offer a wide selection of prox cards from different providers but can work closely with you to find the simplest, most comprehensive security solution.

Ease and Convenience

Getting in and out of the building shouldn’t be difficult or cumbersome. Physical keys have a few downsides. They can get jammed up. They can be copied easily, yet replacing a lost key requires a special trip.

There are different types of prox cards, like plastic cards the size of a credit card with a magnetic stripe, key fobs, and more. Prox cards give you more granular control of where employees can access, like stairwells, parking lots, elevators, and more. One card can grant access to all these spaces, so you don’t need multiple keys. They also offer the benefit of reduced wear and tear.

The company has a simpler time controlling who can and can’t go where, while employees only need to tap one card to get wherever they need to. Employees shouldn’t have to carry an entire ring of keys to move freely. It saves them, and the company, time.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Prox cards are very convenient, but they’ll last longer if you remember a few things. They can get demagnetized in certain environments, which won’t happen if you keep them in a vinyl case, which also protects them from spills and dust.

Otherwise, over the long term, things like magnetic zippers or buttons can potentially demagnetize the card. If this should happen, printing a new one that can grant the same level of access is easy. People are careful to put any metal keys on a keychain, this is just the same type of preparation that prevents any problem from arising.

The digital world isn’t only about smartphones and computer technology. Prox cards have existed for more than a couple of decades, but today’s technology is refined and improved. They’re an excellent way for organizations and workplaces to grant secure, convenient access to authorized people. If you’re in charge of overseeing office security, consider getting prox cards today.