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There isn’t a greater threat to a weekend in the woods than a swarm of mosquitoes (or giant wasps, like the ones I ran into in the Puerto Rican jungle in 2014). But seriously, with mosquito-borne illnesses on the rise in the United States, a bite can mean more than just a few days of itching… and there’s never only one mosquito bite.

Buzz B-Gone

Proper bug-repelling products are one of my main camping essentials, and for relaxing trips, I like to use mosquito traps instead of traditional repellent.

Mosquito traps fight the bug for you, so you don’t have to use bug repellent!

Set up a mosquito trap like the Buzz B-Gone and relax. The Buzz B-Gone might be the best mosquito trap on the market. It attracts insects with UV light, then sucks them into its trap with a powerful fan.

Buzz B-Gone works great as an indoor mosquito trap too because it has no nasty odors or fumes. That’s why Buzz B-Gone ranks highly in mosquito trap reviews and is one of the best mosquito traps out there. Another similar trap is Mosquitron. This is a more powerful trap that uses the same UV tech, but it’s also more expensive.

Luckily, both are on sale right now! You can snag the Mosquitron for $89 or $70 each if you buy two, and buy the Buzz B-Gone for only $39.99!

I guarantee these will keep bugs away better than any homemade mosquito trap or DIY mosquito trap your grandma showed you how to make, and they do all the work for you!

Neck Gaiters like Better Than Zero Help Prevent Bug Bites

The neck and face are some of the most exposed areas of the body. Similar to a Buff neck gaiter with added utility, the cooling neck gaiter from Better Than Zero is breathable and easily can be pulled down around your neck when not in use, then pulled up when you need it.

Neck Gaiters

Keep Devices Charged with the CHARGEHUBGO+ and the TapNCharge

When camping, an unreliable charger can be a huge problem if you need to check the weather, use GPS mapping, or if an accident happens and you need to call for help. That’s where a quality cell phone charging station comes into play.

The CHARGEHUBGO+ is a great pick. It’s a 5000mAH power bank with two built-in cables that supports wireless charging and is universally compatible. Its SmartSpeed® technology automatically detects your device and optimizes charging speed for your phone or tablet, meaning you’ll get maximum charging speed without overcharging and damaging your device’s battery. The CHARGEHUBGO+ is one of the best portable chargers you can find.

A wireless charging pad like the Tap N Charge is another excellent purchase. This little pad uses Qi technology just like the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and the Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad to send power to your smartphone without any cables. Simply plug this device in via USB and pop your phone onto it whenever you want a charge.


Stay Connected with the RangeXTD, SuperBoost, and TrifiBoost!

First Off: WiFi Extender vs WiFi Repeater?

One question that always comes up among campers looking to maximize their WiFi potential from their RV or campsite is: “Which is better, WiFi extenders or WiFi repeaters?” WiFi repeaters connect to whatever wireless network is around, just like a laptop or phone,  and rebroadcast this connection. Also, you can’t Compromised on Laptop Battery. WiFi extenders, on the other hand, physically link to your wireless network and extend the same connection without creating a new one.

Both products basically boost existing WiFi signals, so both can work great, depending on your setup. If you’re working off your own WiFi source, an extender like the TrifiBoost will work well. It offers higher data transfer speeds than the other devices below (433Mbps to their 300 Mbps), and this triple antenna WiFi extender is on a killer sale right now.

It’s normally$138.95, but right now it’s down to$89.99!

For most camping situations, however, you likely won’t have your own connection. You’ll be staying at RV campgrounds or camping sites. Most campgrounds offer WiFi nowadays, so you may need to amplify the public signal from the campground or another source.

This is why a WiFi repeater like the SuperBoost works best for camping.


WiFi repeaters connect to an existing network wirelessly and boost the signal. It’s hard to pick a winner out of the pair, both offer data transfer speeds of 300Mbps and comparable ranges. My personal favorite of the pair is probably the SuperBoost, as it can serve as a router or access point on its own, in addition to a standard repeater, while if you scour the internet you’ll find the RangeXTD, on the other hand, has experienced some less than stellar reviews. The differences are slim, however, and both are on a killer 50% off sale at the moment, so you can snag a SuperBoost or RangeXTD for only $49.95!

Make Cooking Easy with the Gotham Grill Pan, Rapid Defrosting Tray, and SafeSealer

Cooking gear might be the most important of all camping essentials. One of the coolest cooking gadgets we’ve found is this Gotham Steel Aluminum Non-Stick Grill Pan. This ultra non-stick grilling pan allows you to grill food on any stovetop, whether a portable camping stove or an RV kitchen stove.

Just pop it onto your stove eye and get to grilling. It’s smokeless, so it also works well as an indoor stovetop grill. You can take it inside and grill in your cabin or even use it at home.

Gotham Steel Aluminum Non-Stick Grill Pan
Gotham Steel Aluminum Non-Stick Grill Pan

The Rapid Defrosting Tray from Kagan Unlimited is another one of my go-to’s for leisurely trips where I’m going to be doing a lot of cooking. It’s a tray made of a high heat-conducting aluminum, which heats up to the temperature of the environment around it (say 90° F in the summer) extremely quickly, without any power or fuel source. Place your frozen meat or fish on it and boom, soon it’s defrosted and ready to cook.

It transfers heat from the surrounding air much faster than any other surface, so you can get your meat ready to eat in half the time. Best of all, the tray requires no power source, just the natural heat of the environment, so you can use it anywhere. Perfect for camping!

The SaveSealer is my new favorite camping cooking product!

The most important thing to remember about cooking when camping is to avoid excess waste. This is Rule #1. When you’re camping, you don’t have a fridge or pantry to store lots of food. You need to conserve all the food you have.

That’s where the SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes in.

This nifty device is ultra-portable and lightweight, and vacuum seals your food in heavy-duty, BPA-free bags. The airtight seal that this food saver vacuum sealer creates around your food will keep it fresh for days!

SaveSealer vacuum sealer

It’s great for sealing fruits and veggies, meats, cheeses, dry foods, or anything else. Leftovers you have while camping will stay safe with this food sealer, and it also works great for pre-packaging food for a trip. This is one of the definite camping essentials for family camping trips.

Keep Your Valuables Safe with the Flex Safe

This portable safe can fit your credit cards, jewelry, phone, passport, and other valuables, all protected by a heavy-duty nickel alloy lock with a customizable combination. What’s more, a built-in RIFD blocker prevents criminals from scanning your info, and this safe is thick and slash-proof. Lock it to a bike, chair, tree, or any other object with the easy attachment system, or carry it on your belt.

Flex Safe

Capture the Experience with the Action Hero!

The whole point of spending time outside adventuring is to make memories, so you’ll want to be sure you can record them. That’s why we’re recommending the Action Hero camera. I used to be a fan of GoPro… until I stumbled across this 4K UltraHD camera for a fraction of the cost! It’s a superb waterproof camera, with built-in WiFi, an LCD touchscreen, and an external microphone and remote.

the Action Hero

Best of all, it’s compatible with GoPro accessories. Basically, you’re owning a GoPro for a sliver of the cost. It’s the best camera for the outdoors, and the best way to capture your camping memories.

Why You Should Trust Me On This

I’ve been sleeping in tents around the world for the better part of twenty years, from New Zealand to Chile to Morocco to the USA, and I’ve learned a thing or two about spending time in the outdoors. I was an Eagle Scout and Boy Scout troop leader, and I regularly dealt with kids who had never spent a single night in the woods in their lives. I had to help them get comfortable in the outdoors and stay comfortable camping.

I’ve climbed mountains and volcanoes on five continents, including almost all of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado, and have spent over 600 nights camping out of my car or a tent.

I’ve jumped off bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was the first person to solo hike a long-distance trail through the Slovenian Alps. I’ve ridden camels through the Sahara while suffering from diarrhea (but that’s another story). I’ve been robbed in the South Pacific and swarmed by bugs in the Caribbean.

Every one of the situations these products are made for, I’ve lived through. So check ’em out, and go get outside!