Golden Gate Review

Traders today take trading as a job, not a hobby as they realize how lucrative this business can be when you take it seriously. This isn’t the same as neophytes that try their hand in the market casino each year, as what they are looking for is a lottery. Traders buy and sell financial instruments after evaluating the per capita income that can be generated from it in case of a profit. This requires a certain skill and authority when it comes to price prediction and making bids.

So, you see, if you were to start trading seriously, you need to learn a lot more than basics. Being diligent, focused, and objective in the trading world will help you go a long way. Another factor that can aid your journey as a trader is a dependable trading platform. The online trading scene is very active, especially with respect to retail trading. These platforms help you stay connected with the world market news as well as ensure the safety of your transactions.

The platform that I am going to be reviewing is one that is certainly making waves in today’s market, and we will evaluate how its service features are helping it stand out from the crowd. Golden-Gate is a forex trading platform designed to accommodate all types of traders. I joined this platform as an experienced trader, and this helped me critically assess this platform a whole lot better.

Affordable Trading

This was the first thing that I noticed about the platform, as it’s without commission approach was something that grasped my attention from the get-go. In my previous experiences with trading platforms, I have always found there to be hidden charges. However, with Golden-Gate everything price was set in stone, so when I signed up, I only had to pay the entry fees. And later, when I chose to upgrade, there was a reasonable deduction for that as well. This was definitely something that had me hooked.

If you are a beginner trader, this is something that you can count on as you do not want to be spending too much on commission and fees. This will leave you no room to spend on securities and still get a profit. I know in the beginning, even I made a few mistakes trying to hit big. This overconfidence will make you lose a lot more than to help you gain. Golden-Gate offers an excellent package for all its four accounts.

This is why making the right choice is imperative while selecting an account package. You can also choose the Basic account as a trial and upgrade later on once you are satisfied with the trade conditions. This is a strategy that I find best in testing out trading platforms as it allows you to get a sense of what they have to offer.

Assessment of Critical Features

Education CentreFair
Account TypesVery Good
Platform ExecutionGood
Technological InnovationGood
Trading ToolsExcellent

How is it a suitable choice for you?

Golden-Gate is well-suited for traders looking for quality features and efficient platform execution all in one. I realize that categorizing a platform as a suitable choice requires you to assess your own trade requirements. If you are a beginner-level trader who has yet to lay out a trading strategy, then you can start with a trial account on Golden-Gate and get access to over 200 tradable assets and a market review. This will help you get an idea of what is going on in the market.

I have been trading in the global market for five years now and this has allowed me to align my own requirements with which I assess if a trading platform is worth the trial run or not. This is a necessity, as there are too many online trading platforms available in the current market.

How credible is this broker?

You can assess this feature by going through the legal framework that holds the brokerage firm together. I know-how as a trader you can be apprehensive of trading online and how knowing the legalities that secure your trade operations can help you gain the confidence to trade. I found the transparency of Golden-Gate very refreshing, as they make sure that all their clients and their assets are well-secured on the platform.

How efficient is its server design?

Golden-Gate has an excellent server that is optimized to handle the heavy load of the market. This is because the software has been engineered to perfection. This is fundamental for every trading platform that you select, as any glitches in software can cost you big money. The framework that supports the online trade algorithms should be strong, and this is something that was prevalent in Golden-Gate.

I have had previous experiences with platforms where the server has crashed mid-transaction. Not only did it jeopardize the efficiency of my trade session, but it also cost me a good deal. When you are trading in the global market, this is not something you can compromise with.

The technologically advanced graphics that Golden-Gate has introduced onto its server may seem appealing due to their interactive element, but there are also times when they refresh and can subsequently delay your scroll down option. Even though it is a minor discrepancy, I wish the platform offers an option to change the graphical display themes manually. This will allow the server to exert all its energy on the trading session itself.

Are the tools up-to-date?

This is one of the major reasons why I upgrade my trading platforms with time. You see, the competition in the market is tough with a number of new platforms going online every other day. Most of them work with the same standardized tools for trade data analysis, but Golden-Gate has managed to design state-of-the-art smart tools for its customers.

Clients can now custom set some of these tools owing to their trade requirements. The chart is one other integral aspect of a trading platform as it helps you assess trade data. Golden-Gate has a bright chart that has a series of custom settings options. I was able to select the chart interval, chart type, and chart indicators.

Even though the default chart type was Candlestick, I still was able to choose the Line chart for my trade sessions. There are enough instructive tools to direct beginners towards trade operations, however, there is no direct link for support. So, if you have any queries, you will have to go back to the main page to access the client support. This can be an inconvenience at times, as this will require you to end your trade session.

The fast order execution and competitive spreads of Golden-Gate can at times help you overlook some of its setbacks. That is essentially what it’s all about, weighing down the pros and cons to determine which platform is worth the investment.

How many methods of withdrawals are present?

I prefer to assess this factor with all the platforms that I choose, as deposit and withdrawal of funds is an essential element to trading. Golden-Gate offers popular options for transactions such as

  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • VLoad
  • Bank Wire Transfer

All these options have security policies that allow Golden-Gate to effectively monitor the transaction. However, I did notice that there was no option of PayPal and this is why some clients may face an inconvenience.

Can this platform be accessed from around the world?

Golden-Gate is an online forex broker, which is why it is designed to be accessible for everyone with an electronic device having a stable internet connection. Even though it offers no option for language selection and its server is optimized for the English language, its customers can be from anywhere around the world. I hope the platform introduces more languages in order to accommodate traders used to trading in other languages. Most European brokerage firms offer a range of language options such as Spanish, Deutsch, etc.

Golden-Gate limits its access from certain regions of the world, so if you try to access its server from these restricted jurisdictions, you will not be able to log in. The United States of America is one such country that is restricted, which is why traders from the U.S. cannot use this platform. The guidelines that define this policy are in accordance with the market laws, so you won’t be able to do much about it.

Final Thoughts

Golden-Gate is an online trading platform that will open the door of opportunities for you in the trading world. Its service representatives take valuable feedback from clients and make sure to update the standards of the server with time. I know when I had started trading with this platform, its collection of cryptocurrency was limited. However, within the past year, they have added several more types including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

So, the point is that this platform is very accommodating to its customers and aims to please with excellent services. You can seek help from the brokers on this platform, and their years of experience will allow you to understand the trading world a whole lot better.