At the point when we reviewed the AOC E1649Fwu Best Price at Amazon portable monitor a year ago it earned high checks for its shading and content quality and reasonable cost however we thought it was somewhat massive and experienced restricted survey edges.

Its successor, the AOC E1649Fwu $99.99 at Amazon, is likewise reasonable and it conveys sharp content and brilliant (yet not exact) hues and fairly tight survey edges.

Nonetheless, there are outstanding upgrades, including a USB 3.0 network and a progressively streamlined case. If you’re looking for the portable monitor for laptop or smartphone, you must read the review till the end.

Structure and Features

The E1649Fwu sports the equivalent gleaming dark completion and weighs about equivalent to its forerunner (2.4 pounds), yet at 0.9 inches this adaptation is fundamentally more slender than the AOC E1649Fwu (1.4 inches).

The 15.6-inch board has a 1,366-by-768 goal and a sparkly enemy of glare covering that will, in general, reflect the surrounding light.

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This time around AOC introduced a lot of VESA mounting openings for draping the monitor on a divider. Or on the other hand, you can utilize the silver remain to prop it up in either scene or picture mode.

The stand overlaps again into the back of the bureau when not being used. Likewise, with the prior model, the E1649Fwu has an auto-rotate highlight that consequently changes the picture direction when you flip the board.

The E1649Fwu is the first USB monitor we’ve seen that utilizations USB 3.0 innovation. The port is concealed on the back of the bureau by the stand.

Likewise with each other USB monitor we’ve checked on the E1649Fwu utilizes DisplayLink programming to get a video sign and power from your PC through a USB link. There are no different ports, fastens, or dials to mess with as there are no image alterations accessible. Notwithstanding, you can alter board brilliance in the DisplayLink control board.

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The establishment is an easy task; in the wake of introducing the DisplayLink programming, you should simply connect the USB link to the monitor and interface it to your workstation or work area PC.

The monitor ships with a USB Y-link that offers two host connectors for use with more established PCs (contingent upon your PC you may need to utilize two USB ports to give the satisfactory capacity to the monitor).

Notwithstanding altering splendor the DisplayLink Manager Programming gives you a chance to pick how the E1649Fwu will act; it can go about as your essential display or become an augmentation of your essential display (expanded work area).


The E1649Fwu is a moderately decent entertainer. It conveys dynamic hues against a dim dark foundation and can show the darkest shades of dim neatly.

Its light grayscale execution isn’t exactly as great however; the lightest shades of dark on the Display Mate 64-Step Grayscale test seemed whitewashed and needed detail.

In spite of the fact that hues showed up sharp, they aren’t precise. On the graph underneath, the crates speak to the perfect directions for each shading and the specks speak to the genuine estimated facilitates.

As the graph display, red and blue are feeble and green is just marginally slanted. This implies the E1649Fwu’s hues won’t coordinate splendidly with your essential display’s hues.

Similarly as with most modest TN (turned nematic) boards, seeing edge execution is mediocre.

Side point review was not too bad with some shading moving however top and base survey edges were dim. Little content was sharp and simple to peruse on the little monitor, settling on the E1649Fwu a decent decision for displaying reports and outlines in a little meeting room setting.

The utilization of USB 3.0 dispenses with the rough video issues we saw with the AOC E1649Fwu. Gushing video played easily with no stammer or slack.

AOC covers the E1649Fwu with a three-year guarantee that incorporates parts and work. The board is justified for one year. It ships with the previously mentioned Y-link and a CD containing the DisplayLink programming and a User Guide.

The AOC E1649Fwu is a decent decision to visit voyagers who require an auxiliary display for survey multi-page spreadsheets and archives or giving introductions.

It’s thin and light enough to convey in a folder case or PC sack, and on the grounds that it draws control from your PC’s USB port, it doesn’t require a massive power connector.

The 15.6-inch monitor conveys a sharp picture and fresh content however shading precision is not exactly excellent. Nonetheless, the utilization of USB 3.0 innovation gives you a chance to view a clean, falter free video.

On the off chance that the E1649Fwu’s intelligent monitor is an issue, the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 might be a superior decision, yet it doesn’t offer USB 3.0 availability and it’ monitor is somewhat littler

Our Verdict

The AOC E1649Fwu is an affordable 15.6-inch portable USB 3.0 monitor that gives you a chance to take your multi-monitor arrangement out and about. Its shading exactness is off, however it conveys a sharp picture and is anything but difficult to tote around.